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  • Recipients of Auxiliary Funding FY2011
    As part of the Auxiliary’s Minor Funding Program (requests less than or equal to $50,000), the following Inova Fairfax Hospital nursing units/departments were awarded Auxiliary funds for projects or equipment. The proceeds from The Treasure Troves made these awards possible.
    Streamline Care Area – Herbie 3-position Recliner Chairs
    The purchase of three chairs will decrease treatment wait times and the need for stretchers for non-life threatening patients.


    Heart Failure & Acute Myocardial Infarction Outpatient Resources & Community Outreach Program 
    This program will receive Mini Heart Set Models, Medicine Tray Organizers, Customized Patient Discharged Folders, AMIED/Cath Lab Brochures, Dynamap for blood pressure screenings at community events and Automatic digital BP Monitors with large cuffs.   These items will aid heart patients after discharge to be heart healthy at home to reduce in-hospital recurrences.  


    Labor, Delivery & Recovery 
    Three wireless Maternal/Fetal Telemetry Monitoring Machines.   
    Medical Library -- Multimedia Patient Education Module
    Educational materials to improve communications between patients, their families and healthcare providers, using multi-format, multimedia tools to overcome language, literacy and cultural barriers.
    Family Centered Care (newborn nursery) -- Family Room for Boarder Babies
    Boarder babies are newborns who must remain in the hospital after their mothers return home. These infants may need short-term treatments or medication. The mothers/families come to the hospital to spend time with their babies and previously had no private space for these visits.
    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit -- Arctic Sun Cooling Device
    Rapid cooling and controlled re-warming have proven successful in reversing cardiac arrest in comatose adults and infants. The PICU asked for this equipment to use the technique with pediatric patients.
    Inpatient Diabetes Consult Team/Dept. of Medicine -- Glycemic Mgmt System
    This software uses the metrics transferred into the hospital’s system in real time to analyze inpatients’ glucose values and prescribe appropriate diabetic therapies.
    Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit -- Family Consultation Room
    Families of patients in the NSICU frequently receive devastating news from doctors or nurses, including the fact that their loved ones are terminally ill. Healthcare teams also have to discuss organ donation. The NSICU needed a private, quiet room in which to have these types of conversations. Until now, the meetings took place in public at the nurses’ station or hallway.
    Physical Therapy/Rehab Dept. -- Adaptive Equipment for Pediatric Rehab
    This equipment is designed for children affected by disease, congenital disabilities, trauma, cardiac or orthopedic problems. The equipment helps develop and build their play skills, gross and fine motor skills, balance and communication capabilities.
    Cardiovascular Stepdown Unit -- Cardiac Chairs
    This unit purchased 10 specially designed chairs for post-operative patients transferring form the cardiovascular ICU to this unit. Post-op patients need to sit up in a chair but also elevate their feet. These chairs have special features that adapt to patients’ needs.
    Safety & Security Dept. -- Bulls Eye Fire Extinguisher Training System
    This system will allow the Safety & Security Dept. to provide hands-on fire extinguisher training on a classroom, meeting room or other indoor location.  
    Kellar Center -- Student Scholarships
    The Kellar Center provides mental health services for adolescents with emotional, behavioral and substance abuse issues. The facility combines treatment and a special-education school for children not covered by other community programs regardless of their ability to pay.
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